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Great white Sharks!

We offer eco tours targeting Great White Shark-watching at the historic Farallon Islands a few miles off the coast of San Francisco.

The Gulf of the Farallones is a very special place.

There's a volume of eco touring photo ops with all of the marine life, and the rugged islands themselves.

Great White Shark Adventures:

  • Depart around daybreak...
  • Head right to the islands.
  • Go around the main islands at least once.
  • Sit in the quiet waters on the downwind side of the island.
  • Everyone looks for shark attacks.
  • Run over to any suspected predatory ativity.
  • Stop for whales while on the way home.

One Of A Kind Services:

  • Multi-Day Cruising to Ports Of Call during your shark watching trip.
  • Angel Island Camping Trips.
  • FloatingP hotography Tours.
  • Movie Production Location Shoots.

    Go Fishing for King Salmon, Stripers, Halibut, Lingcod, Rock Fish, Albacore Tuna, Sturgeon, Giant Squid, Dungeness Crabs & more...

We'll make all of your reservations, even if you just want to go fishing.

Don't miss the shark-watching boat..!

Our incredible adventures are on boats certified by the US Coast Guard to be shipshape and seaworthy. Each boat has its own passenger capacity and amenities.

  • Intimate Great White Adventures for two
  • Smaller boats take up to 4 or or up to 6 passengers (6 pac boats)
  • Larger boats handle up to 49 passengers
  • There may be landing fees charged for pick up at various ports
  • Pricing over and above the cost of charter may apply based on the special features of your trip.

  • Whale Watching, Sea Lions, Sea Birds & rare species such as Fur Seals or Leatherback Turtles might be spotted on Farallon Islands Eco Tours!


More Info:
Great White Shark Expeditions





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